When I made my entrance into this world, I was a disappointment to my parents because of my gender. This pattern followed me throughout life creating many limiting beliefs that attracted abuse, physically, emotionally, and sexually. It started as young child, the grooming and sexual abuse, I was raped as a teenager and saw no worth in myself. Denied of education and forced to work in a trouser factory at the age of fourteen, my life seemed very bleak. Breaking free at fifteen years old, I left home in Upton, West Yorkshire to find excitement, and there were some happy times that I subconsciously sabotaged to remain a victim.

Being a successful entrepreneur brought me wealth and stability, after two failed marriages I raised my boys single-handedly, all went well until the age of fifty-four. Perusing justice left me bankrupt, homeless and wanting to end it all. Starting at the bottom of the pile, I took a job, something alien to me as I had been self-employed for some thirty years. Feeling like a hamster on a wheel, working and paying with little fun or peace in my life and with the wolves always at the door.

During this time, I looked for ways to heal my pain, earning a degree in psychology was the start of my love affair with the mind, healing trauma and events. Acknowledging the past for what it is, past, and letting go was a process that took me well out of my comfort zone, because I was vulnerable. When we're vulnerable, we have to look deep inside ourselves to reveal who we really are, recognise our flaws, also accepting the flaws of others. Stripping away the layers opened new possibilities and perspectives, healing occurred and my life became more vibrant, as I discovered the happiness and peace within.

There were desperate times in my life and as you're here, I think you may also have had similar experiences. I really want you to know that you are not alone and at some level you are looking to heal yourself too. Please do spend some time watching Up Your Vibe video podcasts, where I interview experts from all around the world to help you make shifts in your life.

In the documents section there are some strategies to help you start to identify your liming beliefs, slow your thoughts down and teach you more about perception, which is the five senses we use to keep the patterns of the past running that no longer serve us.

The greatest gift you can give yourself right now is to make small steps to start liking yourself again, and eventually loving yourself.
Your body is the only free asset in life you where gifted for free, you are precious and unique and deserve happiness and peace too, you deserve to live the life that eludes you. I used to be one of those half empty cup people, instead of seeing a half full cup. Life always happened to me not for me and person after person took advantage of me because we are like a two-way mirror, what is within, reflects outwards and attracts more of the same.

My journey has led me to heal myself by educating myself, I earned a degree with honours in BSc Psychology, I’m a fully qualified teacher and trainer in Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, plus many other certifications and strategies to heal your hurts and free you to live the life you rightly deserve.

Stay and browse the site and it's many features, I offer therapy remotely by Zoom, face to face in the Poole and Bournemouth area, we can arrange a full VIP day to really start working on releasing your hurts.

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