Avnita Suri is a Lifestyle Prescription Coach and in this episode of Up Your Vibe she will be talking to Paula about the importance of our beliefs in health and how they are affected primarily by a nocebo effect by health care professionals.

How do we get ill? What is the nocebo effect?
How can diagnosis make us worse?

Listen to this important episode below to find out! Avnita Suri helps people to push through their symptoms to find the root causes of their illness and beliefs, emotions, current stressors of any illness. Avnita Suri is a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach. She is also a META-Health Master Practitioner, practises EFT, Matrix..

This Episode – How Your Beliefs Affect Your Healthis qualified to practise EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, life style prescriptions health coach, Avnita runs a free Facebook group called Extraordinary Self-Healing from Chronic Pain where she shows how to get rid of chronic pain (not new pain). She has already helped many people using this simple technique alone. Avnita is qualified in Meta Health and she uses the techniques to identify the physical sensation of pain and how the symptoms are connected mentally and emotionally