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Paula Kalik Training is a non-judgmental practice.
We can guide you to resolve your personal history and elicit the core issues that underpin your limiting beliefs. Is an addiction such as smoking, alcohol or drug abuse affecting your health, costing you time, money and relationships?

Do you feel the need to comfort eat, and still don’t feel comforted?
You can put your trust in us to get your desired results, and get your life moving in the right direction by transforming the way you think, feel and act using techniques such as EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and NLP Coaching.

We provide you with free online support after your therapy has ended so you never feel left out on a limb. Imagine having the tools and knowledge to help you excel in areas such as your career, relationships, health or whatever aspirations or goals you may have.

You can choose to receive therapy in compete confidentially in the safety of your home by phone or Skype, or visit our office in Leicestershire. Call to book your free consultation now, or leave a message through the Contact Page and one of our therapists will work through whatever issues are holding you back from fulfilling your true potential.