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Paula Kalik for first class training in Hypnotherapy, EFT and Mindfulness Stress based Reduction in Poole.

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Paula is a very successful entrepreneur with exceptional creativity and energy that allowed her to operate several businesses simultaneously. Her interior design consultancy of twenty-five years led to her to working with celebrities, the aristocracy and private clients in Europe and the USA. In conjunction with this business, Paula was a property developer and property investor with a portfolio that allowed her to live a wonderful lifestyle. As a single parent of three boys she raised singlehandedly, Paula was committed to giving them a stable upbringing and being in business for herself meant she was able to fit her business around her boys and be their main pillar of support.

Paula left formal education at the age of fourteen, being a very creative teenager, she felt cheated out of her education, but it was the decision of her parents. Paula took the decision to go into further education and studied an Access to Education Course in 1993. Being a mature student, a businessperson and a single parent meant Paula was presented with certain difficulties, childcare, keeping the businesses running, timekeeping and the stresses of such a busy life but Paula overcame these and gained sufficient credits to allow her to enter university. Whilst at college Paula’s was recognised as having difficulties and was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Despite this, Paula went on to earn a 2/1 BSc Psychology degree with honours at Loughborough University in 1998.

This was the beginning of Paula’s love affair with the mind that inspired her to become an Advanced Hypnotherapist accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register, an accolade obtained by a small number of Hypnotherapist worldwide. Paula is also a Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, and an Advanced Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, Master Trainer and Supervisor accredited and certified by the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET). Paula is one of the original sixteen founding Mentors of Energy Alignment Method (EAM) and has worked with individuals and groups worldwide creating transformations for hundreds of people.

As a former director of the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) Paula was involved in the planning of strategies to further ISMA ethos and values has had her articles published on many platforms, including journals to address events, trauma, and stress. Paula hosts her own radio show with inspiring speakers sharing their own experiences on how they overcome adversity and succeeded in their chosen fields.

Currently Paula is co-authoring another book and her self-help book is to be published this year to inspire others to bring into consciousness the unconscious, help people face their fears and realise their own powerful potential in much less time that she did. Paula is absolutely committed and passionate about enabling people to let go of their past and move forward to achieve their hearts desires. Whilst Paula is probably one of the most well-educated therapists in the world, it is not this that makes her unique, it’s her life’s experience which has made her resilient, authentic, and intuitive.

Like many people, Paula has suffered adversity but the most important thing she learned is that adversity does not make or break you, it reveals the real you. Paula was faced with choices, she could either choose to see her experiences as an opportunity and use it to make a breakthrough or accept adversity, hold the trauma within herself, festering away and allow it to affect many aspects of her life, she chose the latter. What Paula discovered is that you project outwardly to the world what’s inside you and receive more of the same back and this pattern ran consistently through Paula’s life until she took control and responsibility for herself. It was very difficult for Paula to get out of her comfort zone, there were tears, anger, rebellion, and tons of emotional discomfort but the rewards awaited her. Paula is most humbled and grateful to everyone who has helped her on her healing journey. Even though it was very hard to do at times Paula never gave up because of the love and kindness extended to her she was able to remove the shackles that weighed her down, step by step. Over time Paula was able to get over the obstacles that kept her in isolation and took her life back, she has spoken on stage with EAM creator and award-winning Coach Yvette Taylor and inspired audiences as an engaging public speaker.  Paula’s energy is boundless, she fills any room with her positivity and presence, she is ethical, authentic, and transparent with a true passion to be of service to people all around the globe.

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