Can anyone be hypnotised?

Hypnosis works because it helps us change the way we think, feel and see things, it helps us to change our state. Most if not everyone have the ability to relax so, yes anyone can be hypnotised, as it’s just a heightened state of relaxation and increased receptivity. It has been said, “I can’t be hypnotized.” Or “I don’t think I went under.” or “No one can hypnotize ME because I have such a strong mind. “ These all basically say the same thing and that is that you haven’t really gotten the true understanding yet of what hypnosis really is.

We are all influenced by suggestions. Hypnosis uses this natural human process to change negative patterns into positive patterns of behaviour. There is nothing mysterious about hypnosis but if you say you cant be hypnotised, you are right. A hypnotherapist can not do anything you don’t wont her/him to do and there are five necessary components;

  •     Motivation – You must want to be hypnotized
  •     Relaxation – Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation.
  •     Concentration – You will use your ability to concentrate.
  •     Imagination – You will use your vivid imagination.
  •     Suggestion – You will hear and respond to suggestions.

Its application is based solely on the relationship between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind because the subconscious mind, has no power to reason, accepts and acts upon any fact or suggestion given to it by the conscious mind.

We use this commonly occurring, and natural state of mind, unknowingly, all the time. It is just natural for us. For example, if you have ever watched a television program or a movie and became really absorbed into the program, you were probably in a trance.
Advertisers understand this as they use television programs to induce a hypnotic trance and then provide you hypnotic suggestions, called commercials! Everyone has already experienced hypnosis, by accident or intentionally.

Another common example of this naturally occurring state of mind is when you are driving down the road, with your mind focused on some other task, day dream perhaps, and then before you realise it you have passed your exit.

You hypnotised yourself when you were daydreaming and missed that exit, you have been hypnotised when you enjoyed a television program, and you have followed hypnotic and posthypnotic suggestions when you preferred some brand name that you saw repeatedly on television.

Author: Paula Kalik

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