How can hypnosis help me with pain?

Living with chronic and persistent pain can be a terrible energy drain and distracting experience, and the physical hurting of pain can cause emotional suffering. Pain is a symptom that cannot be objectively assessed as its impossible to stand in anyone’s shoes and experience what they are feeling, and know precisely what hurts, how badly, and what the pain feels like.

Pain, therefore, is whatever the person experiencing it says it is. The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage.” Pain is a mechanism the body uses for survival; imagine if you were never able to experience pain, what would the consequences be? How would you know if you had placed your hand on a hot plate, or accidently cut yourself whist slicing something? In terms of illness, pain helps us to establish what could be wrong with us, if our head hurts it’s a signal of stress, dehydration or something more serious which we need to seek medical advice for, so pain forces us to take action and helps prevent us from hurting ourselves.

Normally, when a part of the body experiences pain it sends a signal through the nervous system to the spinal cord, where it is processed and sent to the brain stem. The signal then propagates through the mid-brain region to the cortical region, which creates the conscious sensation of pain. Firstly, you perceive pain by the sensation of something uncomfortable happening to a specific part of your body, and then you react to this information by feeling as pain.

Although acute pain serves an important and useful function, when pain becomes chronic and continues long after it has done its job of giving warning, and long after the physical problem has been medically treated, it is no longer needed as a warning. This is where hypnosis comes in, through the power of suggestion; the body and mind enter a state of deep relaxation. In this relaxed state, the mind is receptive to suggestions and imagery that can modify negative thinking patterns and images that maintain suffering and build a repertoire of thoughts and images to promote pain relief. The more hypnosis is practised, the more effective it becomes and at Affronte we teach you methods such as EFT and Self Hypnosis, you will be provided with a CD help relieve the pain, promote relaxation and meditation so even after your session of therapy you can go away and use these tools for as long as you need to.

Author: Paula Kalik

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