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Jig's journey through life has not been easy, yet he maintains a positive mental attitude that has earned him the mindset of happiness. Join Jig as he shares his journey with you through his experiences that made him who is is today. A man who see no limitations and rises to any challenge.

Jig was born in Mumbai and at aged two he contracted Polio that affected his legs. The medical treatment was barbaric, Jig spent hours in a deep pit in his garden suspended in sand, in the sweltering heat of the sun. The belief was that this treatment would encourage his legs grow back, they didn't.

Jig knew no other life back then, there was no wheelchair or adaptations to make his life easier, he relied heavily on those around him to carry him around and bring his food, education did not start till he was fourteen and that was fraught with difficulties for him. Jig’s family moved to Dubai and life got even tougher barely seeing day light for the two years he was there and his education was limited.

Throughout all of this Jig says his mum was his rock, she helped him to maintain a positive mental attitude that was, and still is, his driving force. In 1988 Jig landed in a very cold wet London on Christmas day, people talked too fast, it was uninviting and he could not see a future in England. Just two and half weeks later Jig received a red wheelchair and his education was forth coming, he never expected these opportunities but in a matter of months his life was transformed.

Jig was the first disabled person to complete the gruelling Tough Mudder Course, he has been sky diving, plays and teaches basketball, travels the world and is definitely a party goer who enjoy life to the full. Hear about Jig’s heart-warming journey and be inspired by how Jig never gives up and faces everything with a smile


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