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Are you aware of your child that lives within, when you get out of control in an argument or situation then ask yourself “How old do I feel” what age do you think you are?

When you reflect back you can see situations when you acted out like a child.

Dealing with a child’s road map to deal with adult issues really does not work. How would you feel if you could overcome the overwhelm instead of acting out of character or like a child? To be a fact and truth adult means updating your inner roadmap accrued throughout your childhood. Like it or not, you are the sum of all your experiences, high or low, and being in fact and truth is accepting that there is no truth at all.

Truth and perception are circumstantial based upon your experiences with you as judge and jury.

This episode is a fascinating look at how to integrate your inner child into your adult world. It is the most liberating thing you can ever do for yourself and your inner child.

Questions discussed are:

  1. How do we know we have an inner child? - 3 Simple steps to staying an adult
  2. Soothe your fear and prevent overwhelm. - Over-acting, Dramas, Anger, Pain of 'Child Mode'
  3. Harmonising and rebalancing life for love and happiness.

Sheela Hagan has studies how the inner child continues acting out the pain in childhood trauma. She runs training courses on “Healing your inner child” and one day workshops. Sheela offers one to one session and help her clients to achieve a happier, fulfilled life, in a gentle yet powerful way without the need to spend years in therapy. Sheela is inspirational and transformative


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  • Depression.
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  • Post-trauma anxiety.
  • Grief and loss.

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