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I've had the pleasure of Paula's friendship for a number of years, in that time have come to know an amazingly genuine character, who's demonstrated tireless self-motivation and unreserved devotion toward her clients, not forgetting the advancement of her own achievements. Paula's own personal life has not been a complete bed of roses either and that has reflected in Paula's ability to understand her clients sometimes adverse and on occasions violent behaviour, she provides fast diagnosis and effective positive life-changing results. Paula has also demonstrated on numerous occasions to me personally, that she not only succeeded with her own personal ambitions, but achieves results with her now fully accredited training and qualifications. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paula Kalik Training to anyone seeking Paula's kind of sometimes 'hard to accept' but very caring training and support methods. Especially when at times in your personal life, you feel less able to reach out for effective positive change. A friendly shoulder alone doesn't compensate for challenging what is most affecting your daily life, your thoughts and decision making processes. I've become allot more self-motivated. After much personal loss and CPTSD I can carry myself with pride and more self worth, this new change in my life was as a direct result of Paula's sometimes hard-hitting words of wisdom. I've learned so much from Paula, I'm truly indebted to her, both as a personal friend and a client. ♥ Thank you Paula ♥

Anthony. A

Design Consultant
After suffering with depression for years, during which I was given counselling and antidepressants, personally it was clear that none of these worked for me. A friend recommended NLP Therapy with Paula Kalik. I was quite nervous about attending my first session but Paula was very understanding and supportive when listening to my issues and I quickly became comfortable talking to her. The methods Paula taught me can be used whenever a difficult situation or challenge occurs. NLP is extremely effective and it is safe to say that thanks to Paula I am now free of depression and loving my life! Paula is professional, enthusiastic and motivating. I would definitely recommend Paula Kalik and NLP therapy to anyone, it is a truly relaxing and rewarding experience

Amy. B

Before having my treatment with PKT, I was at a very low ebb in my life and didn’t know where to turn. Paula was recommended to me highly and I decided to make contact. After my very first session with Paula, I couldn’t believe the difference in myself and felt a weight had been lifted. My family and friends noticed the big change in me immediately. I was transformed back to my old, happy, confident self with only a few sessions! In addition to the active therapy, Paula has taught me specific tools and methods that I use daily to assist me in combating any troubles that arise and, on the whole, to maintain a positive outlook. I highly recommend PKT for people needing help with dealing with a range of issues—it will change your life for the better! I have told friends in Canada about the well-being skills I have learnt and they are taking it on board too! Thanks, Paula!

Lorraine C

"I can cope with my life", thanks to PKT. I am now a non-smoker having had a positive experience with PKT, my sleep has improved and is more peaceful, I feel less stressed and more able to rest and my mind is at ease. Paula Kalik has the ability to calm the senses with her voice and wise words of support and encouragement, she uses her gentle but powerful authority to great effect which left me feeling totally relaxed and safe at all times during the sessions. I was a smoker for twenty years and I am delighted with the PKT approach, my teeth are whiter, I smell fresh, my son is happy, I am in control of my life and I believe that future possibilities are endless, this life style choice has changed my life positively. With my own personal compact disc to listen to and the "tapping" technique I was taught, I feel well equipped to carry on the path to freedom successfully. I now know that I can cope without cigarettes in my life, I would highly recommend PKT to anyone who as ever wanted to achieve something with their life but needed the positive support to do it. Thank-you for giving me positive control over my body and mind PKT!

Kate. T

I feel so free now, that I don’t have the stress and hassle that comes with smoking, I enjoy events and family time more.  Paula was so helpful, understanding and gave lots of useful advice and tools.  It was the kick start I needed to break the habit.