What can hypnosis treat?

Hypnosis can help with chronic pain lasting for more than 3 months. This kind of pain usually affects a person’s life in many ways. It can change someone’s personality, ability to function, and quality of life and can be caused by many different factors.

Often conditions that accompany normal aging may affect bones and joints in ways that cause chronic pain. Other common causes are nerve damage and injuries that fail to heal properly, Spondylosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, stomach ulcers, AIDS, and gallbladder disease, fibromyalgia, etc.

Somatic pain occurs in the musculoskeletal tissues, it is called deep somatic pain. Common causes of somatic cancer pain include metastasis in the bone (an example of deep somatic pain) and post surgical pain from a surgical incision (an example of surface pain). Deep somatic pain is usually described as dull or aching but localized. Surface somatic pain is usually sharper and may have a burning or pricking quality. It can include pain in the skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. This includes arthritis, tendinitis, and most kinds of headaches, neck pain, and low back pain. This kind of pain is typically aching, sore, and knife-like.

Hypnosis is very affective at management of pain and is backed by research, so call us now to see how we can help you and to book your FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation.

Author: Paula Kalik

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