What Happens when you lack Self esteem?

Self esteem is a vital key to happiness and success and is lacked by many, it is the opinion we hold of ourselves. If we rate ourselves as having high or positive self esteem it can result in happiness and success. On the flip side, low self esteem usually leads to poor results, poor performance  and under achievement  with can result in unhappiness and even depression.

Ask yourself the following questions to discover the level of your self esteem:

  • Are you comparing yourself to others and ignoring the unique value that you have?
  • Do you believe you are successful?
  • What do you think of your social status?
  • How do you see yourself?
  • How do you feel about your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Can you be decisive? Not being able to make choices can lead to low self esteem?
  • Does your job have value to you, is it worth while?

These are just a few questions which can quickly establish your level of self esteem, and positive regard for yourself.  Low self esteem feeds your negative thinking and causes you to believe the criticism others make of you. Do you take what others say and not speak up and how does that make you feel inside, do you hold your anger in or take it home with you and aim it at someone else, sound familiar? This can impact greatly on your work and relationship, and ultimately impart on your health.  If this describes you in any way, its vital you take action now to end negative thoughts and smash the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself now.

If you want to build your self esteem you have to understand  what beliefs you hold, our therapist are able to establish a clients level of self esteem and use a variety of techniques to install positive self beliefs and smash any limiting beliefs which may be holding you back. The therapist can then get to work increasing your level of self esteem you will be more confident, happy, highly motivated and have the right attitude to succeed. It sounds simple, and that’s is because it is and you will wonder why you didn’t think of addressing this issue before.

The Importance of Self Esteem

Self esteem is crucial and is a cornerstone of a positive attitude towards living. It is very important because it affects how you think, act and even how you relate to other people. It allows you to live life to your potential. Low self esteem means poor confidence and that also causes negative thoughts which mean that you are likely to give up easily rather than face challenges. In addition, it has a direct bearing on your happiness and well-being.

This self esteem test is quick and simple, answer TRUE or FALSE to each question (if you cannot answer 100% TRUE then answer FALSE – check below how to score):

  1. Other people are not better off or more fortunate than me
  2. I accept myself as I am and am happy with myself
  3. I enjoy socialising
  4. I deserve love and respect
  5. I feel valued and needed
  6. I don’t need others to tell me I have done a good job
  7. Being myself is important
  8. I make friends easily
  9. I can accept criticism without feeling put down
  10. I admit to my mistakes openly
  11. I never hide my true feelings
  12. I always speak up for myself and put my views across
  13. I am a happy, carefree person
  14. I don’t worry what others think of my views
  15. I don’t need others’ approval to feel good
  16. I don’t feel guilty about doing or saying what I want
  17. I respect other peoples point of view even if I don’t agree with it
  18. If I am worried I ask for help

Your Score: Total number of TRUE answers you gave, One Point for each:

  • 18- 15 Points – You have a high level of self esteem!
  • 14-10 Points – Not bad but room for you to improve
  • 9- 0  Points – Low self could holding you back

If you fall into the categories below 9 call us now to see how we can help you can drastically benefit from some of the techniques we will teach you. These are tools you can take away and use any time for as long as you need them. Everyone is unique so once the therapist establishes what emotions or limiting beliefs you hold we can then work on modelling new behaviours, installing new ways of thinking so you can achieve the life you want. Our therapists are trained in Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic programming, EFT, EMDR and PTSS and Trauma Therapy, plus much more so the therapist is able to take a flexible approach for your maximum benefit.

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Author: Paula Kalik

Welcome to Paula Kalik Training, we are a non-judgmental practise assisting clients to make positive changes in their life using therapeutic techniques such as Mindfulness, Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP coaching. You can chose to visit us in person, or for those who have busy schedules or live out of Leicester we can offer Skype calls so distance is no issue, and we work flexible hours to accommodate your work commitments. Affronte Therapy provide 'Mobile Therapy' services in the comfort of your own home so help is at hand whatever your circumstances. Our therapists are ethical and have a diverse range of skills, we are qualified professional Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists and Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaches and Mindfulness Practitioners that you can rely on, put your trust us to guide you to make the changes you want for yourself.

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