What is motivation?

When you got up this morning what motivated you to get up, or what didn’t? Did you get up with the will to work, filled with that spark and commitment to do a good job or do you view your job just as a means to an end? To be motivated we have to have a reason, a goal, something that we see as worthwhile.

Have you noticed what happens when you lose motivation to do something, what happens to your mental state, do you allow things to irritate or upset you more, do things seem so much more of a slog and you use avoidance strategies or  reach out for those things you see as a comfort?

Lets say you are in a job you have done for years, you feel undervalued and the only reason you do it is because of the wages.

Now lets say you have booked a holiday and its just days away.

Which of these are you going to be more motivated to do? Its a no brainer really isn’t it? If you lack motivation to do a certain task it determines the results you get, which in term affect your mental state and outcomes you achieve. It is still possible to do a job well even if you are not motivated to do, but wouldn’t you rather feel happy and motivated?   So what is motivation and how can having  increased levels of motivation benefit you? Why is it that some people can do the same job as you, earn the same wages yet their outlook is so much different?

Author: Paula Kalik

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